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I'm Not a Fox: My First Shiba

Meet Kenji, the fox-like Shiba Inu dog who makes me smile.


Hey Shiba: Don’t Pee on My Lawn

As a Shiba Inu owner who lives in the New York area, I do not have the good fortune to have a huge backyard or live in walking distance to a park.   That means Kenji and I take 4 or 5 walks on a daily basis, the majority of which, are in front of people’s houses.

Both #1s and #2s end up on the front strip of grass that sits in front of suburban homes after the sidewalk.  I clean up Kenji’s mess 100% of the time (OK, so maybe there was the one time I forgot a bag!).

The other morning I had a neighbor ask me to keep Kenji off “their” lawn.  It was 6:15 in the morning and I was in no mood to explain to the person that in our town, that strip of grass is actually government property, it does not belong to the homeowner. 

I have no interest in getting embroiled in a debate. And luckily, in this instance, the homeowner was relatively polite about it.

It initially pissed me off, but when I think about how many houses we pass on a daily basis, it is remarkable how few people complain.

I will respect his wishes and do my best to avoid his property. I will also mourn the fact that he is so concerned with his blades of dying autumn grass.